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and Associates 
All of our Consultants are Certified Professional Résumé Writers (CPRW)
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The résumé gets your foot in the door. The interview lands you the job!

Our Consultants have extensive experience leading searches, interviewing hundreds of
candidates, and hiring top-notch talent at all levels in the organization. With their combined expertise, legacy and broad exposure to diverse industries & functions in Corporate America, they know the strategies & the tools it takes to shine in the interview and get the offer.

Our Consultants know what companies are looking for. Even better, they know the questions
you are likely to get asked in the interview. And, they’re subject matter experts in competency-based interviewing – the interview model utilized by most Fortune 500 companies today.

They understand that in today’s market, it’s not enough to talk about what you did – it’s how
well you did it!

We know that preparation & practice are key to successful interviewing and becoming
unforgettable! Through structured coaching sessions, our knowledgeable Consultants
stand ready to assist you in creating your value proposition and optimizing your interview
performance. After all, the goal of the interview is to position you as an essential resource to
the company.

Included in every coaching session are two Interview Preparation Toolkits, one utilized prior to the session and one with follow-up strategies after the session.

With our high impact interview coaching, you can COUNT ON US to help YOU:
• Create your value proposition!
• Gain poise & confidence!
• Be dynamic. Communicate with more power & impact!
• Stay concise & focused on being strategic and conveying value!
• Learn how to handle those difficult questions that make you squirm!
• Ask insightful questions!
• Sell yourself & outshine the competition!

Theresa R.,
Senior IT Manager

“I’m better prepared to answer those tough questions. My responses are now more strategic and concise. I can better control the nerves, and my confidence is so much higher.”
Jose S.,
Financial Planner

“I used to think I could wing it in interviews. Now, I really know how to sell myself,
demonstrate my fit for the job, and ask those memorable, strategic questions. Thanks for your honest coaching and feedback.”
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