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In today’s market, it’s not enough to think of yourself as a job title. You need to think of yourself as a brand. Brand awareness is created by establishing associations between you and the value, expertise & benefits you bring to the reader. What makes you unique compared to your competitors? What differentiates you from the rest of the pack? What is it that people want that you do better than anyone else? Your brand is your central message in all of your career marketing. Sometimes it’s hard to be objective about yourself. Let one of our talented coaches help you design a powerful brand & memorable tagline that creates an emotional connection with your reader.

Maybe your career objective calls for another powerful marketing tool. Let’s say you want
to become a stand-out, seasoned networker or go into business for yourself. Your primary
objective is to build relationships, tell your story and convey in an interesting & unique way
how someone can benefit from your experience & expertise. Rather than [or, in addition to] a
résumé, you may need a Biography. Biographies offer more freedom to convey your character, passion & unique promise of value via personal “touch points,” such as quotes & testimonials. Our writers are gifted in crafting interesting & intriguing Bios with crisp, persuasive language that differentiate you from competitors, resonate with readers & create connection.

Linkedin Profile
With 150+ million members, LinkedIn is
the professional network. Whether you’re seeking
to optimize your visibility with talent searchers, expand business opportunities, increase
your circle of influence, or create relationships with & be discovered by people with similar
credentials, you need to make sure your Profile is not only found – but that it makes a strong
impression when it is! A compelling LinkedIn Profile is your opportunity to communicate your
brand & the value you bring by differentiating yourself from others with similar backgrounds.
Let one of our capable Consultants critique your existing Profile and make recommendations to ensure your message & positioning are optimal.

Bill L.,
President, Boutique Consulting Firm

“My bio is outstanding and communicates my brand – what I can bring to the table that my competitors cannot – in such a powerful, effective way. I use it as my primary marketing collateral for my new business, and it’s working! I’ve seen my customer base grow 2x in the first three months alone.”
M. Chang,
Director, Client Services

"I implemented the recommendations you provided for my LinkedIn Profile, including the dynamite branding tagline you created. In one week traffic increased 3-fold over what it had been previously.”
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